Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs: Anxiety | TruDog

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs: Anxiety | TruDog

This is Olivia. And this is Olivia’s son, Ralph. I know what you’re thinking… Ralph is obviously a dog, but don’t tell Olivia that. Olivia takes her job as a puppy parent VERY seriously.

Recently Ralph has been suffering from some pretty intense jitters.
Like most dogs, Ralph gets worried on loud holidays or with surprise visitors, but lately, Ralph has been restless, shaky and moody; along with a few other accidents and issues while Olivia’s been at work.

Animals feel emotions, like humans, but dogs can’t find ways to balance their emotions as we do, that’s up to Ralph’s mom.
So Olivia started researching CBD oil and found many personal testimonials of people who reported finding comfort for many physical and biological challenges that their pets face.

But is CBD safe and would it be right for Ralph?

Olivia discovered that even though CBD and marijuana both come from the same hemp plant, they’re actually very different.

CBD only has trace levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. So your pet will not feel “high.”

Instead, it works by interacting with the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoid system to soothe and calm naturally so Ralph may feel better not feel the munchies.

Plus, after seeing all the studies showing SO many other CBD benefits for dogs. Olivia decided her best ‘Mommy-Move’ would be to check with Ralph’s vet and began using CBD oil (along with a raw meat diet) to help promote and maintain Ralph’s health.

And the result is one big happy family.
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