How Much CBD to Vape? – Guide to Exact CBD Dosage

How Much CBD to Vape?  – Guide to Exact CBD Dosage

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How much CBD should I vape? The answer is complicated and simple at the same time. each person has to find their own answer based on their body and their level of discomfort. Vaping CBD allows you to dose with very good accuracy.

Vaping CBD is amazing. One of the best aspects of vaping CBD is that it enters your blood stream very quickly and the bioavailibility is very high. In other words almost all of it is in your system almost immediately.

Dosing is far more precise than CBD edibles, CBD tinctures or CBD tablets that take a long time to effect you and could get absorbed by food in you digestive track.

This allows you to tell how each puff has effected you. You inhale your CBD , wait and see how you feel. Repeat if necessary.

This simple method assures that you vape the exact right dosage of CBD – no more and no less. You can’t overdose on CBD but you don’t want to take too much and waste it.

Another factor of how much CBD should you vape is what you are actually vaping. there is a huge array of quality and strength on the market right now. If you are vaping a weak, low quality CBD vape juice, you will be vaping a lot with little or no effect.

We also talk about tank mod versus vape pen. Which is better for dosing? Watch and find out.

Remember – breath in the goodness of CBD

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