How to Cure Shingles | Natural Shingles Treatment | Quick Shingles Pain Relief | 2018 Vlogmas Day 15

How to Cure Shingles | Natural Shingles Treatment | Quick Shingles Pain Relief | 2018 Vlogmas Day 15

Learn 4 super EASY & Fast ways to treat shingles naturally, reduce shingles pain relief and speed shingles healing with homeopathy, DIY home remedies and key tips from Dr Melissa Gallagher. Learn ways to naturally treat your shingles rash.

Curing Shingles is possible as is reducing your shingles outbreak length and the extent of your pain and minimize the irritating and frustrating shingles rash.

4 Ways to Naturally Treat Shingles Outbreak at HOME – Quick, Easy & Fast:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Shingles Nosode: (use new patient code: 6010 for 10% OFF)

40 drops 5x a day during outbreak
20 drops 2x a day during prevention/inactivity

3. Super Lysine Plus Herbal Immune Support:

4. Therapeutic Baths 2:2 cup ratio of Epsom Salts & Baking Soda


CBD OIL– 30drops 4x a day to relief pain and discomfort

20% OFF with coupon code: MELISSACBD

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