I TRIED CBD OIL (And why you should too)

I TRIED CBD OIL (And why you should too)



Whether you agree with the legalization of marijuana and it’s derivatives or not, you have to admit the emerging science is pretty compelling. I mean, I’m pretty skeptical of anything that claims to help with inflammation, depression/anxiety, sleep disorders, epilepsy and more, but as harmless as the compound has been found, it’s worth trying it for yourself (as long as it’s legal for you, of course.)

More than anything, I notice when I don’t take it. My sleep isn’t as deep or as full. I toss and turn more often, and my body feels more achey and sore. (But that could also be the fact that I forgot my fish oil and multivitamin a couple days in a row) OR this could all be placebo, and really the power is my belief of the product. Honestly, who knows and who cares. If it’s helping sleep and recovery, I’m not going to complain about the how. (As long as no one gets hurt in the process.)

What are your opinions on CBD? Marijuana? Curious to hear others perspectives!



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Hello! My name is Jordan. I talk about a lot of different topics that interest me surrounding the mind and body. This often includes controversial subjects that garner very polarizing opinions from people. Please know that I NEVER mean to hurt or harm ANYONE through the trial and discussion of these topics. However, I am human, and I make mistakes. As a cisgendered white female from a middle class suburban home, I have been shielded from a lot of the real world. Please feel free to call me out on my bullshit, and know I am always open to gaining new perspective. Thanks!

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