Mrs. Kemi’s Unbelievable CBD Testimonial: A Must Watch

Mrs. Kemi’s Unbelievable CBD Testimonial: A Must Watch

Mrs. Kemi’s Unbelievable CBD Testimonial: A Must Watch

A Testimonial of Mrs. Kemi from Nigeria : MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE TESTIMONIAL

Her Words:

“In December of 2017, my husband was diagnosed of sepsis infection. We went to a private hospital. The doctor gave him oral antibiotics and that was all. 14 days later, he was back in a General Hospital in Epe, for ‘Malaria’…if only we knew!!! In four days, his PCV went from 43% to 21%, so the doctors decided to transfer him to LASUTH Ikeja. When we got to LASUTH, he was diagnosed with multiple organ failure as a result of untreated sepsis. His liver, kidneys, lungs had failed …Acute failure!!!
He was derilous. He had started forgetting faces and names. We spent 7 weeks in the hospital & 9 sessions of dialysis. No improvement on his kidney function until the 7th session. He insisted he wanted to leave the Hospital after 2 months. When we were leaving, the nephrologist told us to go and find CBD oil. That it was a new revolution in medicine, and he thinks it could help. I couldn’t find it at pharmacies. Fortunately, one day, while on social Media, I saw an ad on Facebook. I reached out and I started my personal research into the benefits of CBD oil. I got the oil 2 weeks later. At his first post discharge test, we found out that his kidney and liver functions had improved significantly. The doctors were impressed and asked us to continue with the oil. At his second post discharge check up, my husband’s doctors couldn’t believe his results. His kidneys and liver were 100% functional. He was put off all his medications.
My husband had been penned down for a possible kidney transplant before this!!
Today, he still uses the CBD oil after 4 months. And the oil is all he uses.

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