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MADISON, Ala. – CBD or cannabidiol products are becoming widely recognized for pain relief, and the Madison Chamber of Commerce will cut the ribbon on a new CBD store Tuesday.

Though these products are being sold around the country, James Kenney, owner of Your CBD Shop, said there are still lots of misconceptions.

“A lot of people are afraid that it’s marijuana, or it’s illegal or it’s going to make you high, you need a prescription and none of that’s true,” he explained.

Many CBD products have little to no THC, the key component of marijuana that triggers the high the drug gives, in them.

“It comes from hemp, not marijuana,” Kenney continued. “You don’t have to have a prescription and it’s perfectly legal here in the state of Alabama since the farm bill passed last year.”

Kenney said the products are often purchased for pain management.

“Our customers come in and use it for pain anxiety stress to help them sleep a lot of seizure patients use it,” he added. “People with major chronic pain, cancer, fibromyalgia.”

CBD can be found in topical creams, oils, powders, edible snacks and there are even CBD dog treats.

Kenney said CBD is even safe for children to consume.

“Kids take CBD for ADD or ADHD, a lot of kids with serious seizure problems are prescribed cannabis products as well,” he said.

He said CBD products can be pretty affordable, contrary to some beliefs.

“It’s a lot cheaper than most pharmaceutical drugs or a pain clinic or anything like that,” Kenney added. “It’s organic and natural so it doesn’t have any addictive qualities.”

As the industry grows, Kenney said he plans to push more shops through the Tennessee Valley.

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