Vaping 101: OHMs, Watts, and Voltage Explained for Beginners

Vaping 101: OHMs, Watts, and Voltage Explained for Beginners

**UPDATE ( 1/18/19)
This video is only to explain the interaction between the numbers. Its intention is not to explain how to vape big clouds or other related topics. ONLY to explain the math between the numbers! If you comment you can change the ohms then check out my latest video. The comment section explains all. YOU CANNOT CHANGE OHMS WITHOUT MANIPULATION OF THE COIL ITSELF. SETTINGS ARE SIMPLIFYING THE MATH FOR YOU. THE OHMS ARE THE CONSTANT BEHIND THE MATH. Thank you..

**UPDATE ( 6/30/18)**
Since making this video, the vaping technology has grown quite a bit and so therefore I would like to add that today’s newer vapes DO IN FACT allow you to change ohms. However the equation still applies. Thank you all for your understanding and for all of the positive and negative feedback, I appreciate all of you!
**UPDATE ( 12/31/18 )**
Too all the comments saying you CAN change your ohms via your mod, please read the comments to my new video, I have solved the dilemma. I am still correct and the explanation is in the comments.

Vaping 101: OHMs, Watts, and Voltage explained for beginners.

Vaping is storming the 21st century fast with constant innovations happening every day with more and more people beginning to make the switch to electronic nicotine replacement.

When you first start vaping you will find yourself asking many questions, just as I was when I first began. It is my goal to de-mystify Vaping for the beginners out there looking to make a change in their lives.

Please leave me your comments both positive and negative so I can adjust my videos accordingly for you, the viewers.
Also, please note, by no means am I a professional with either vaping or electrical. This video is a collection of information I’VE learned from either the internet, vape shop owners, and a collection of my own experiences. Thank you!

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